A word from the boss

Sawa dee my friends!

We finally made it and 2 days ago we left Dubai. Am I sad or will I miss anything? The answer is no and no. I a looking forward to our trips around the globe and although we start with a well known territory Thailand, I am still excited to explore it and its a good and easy start to get back to a backpack mood.

My bag weights 15 kg and its way to heavy to carry that around with me. On the other hand its my ‘house’ for a year and you think you need all the little things in your life you use when you normally go on holidays. I tried to downsize yesterday, but what do you leave behind when you only have 4 pair of socks or 4 T-shirts, a few creams and medicine? And yes, Julia is right that all the cameras and tablets and computer we have are heavy as well. Diving camera, small city camera, big one, I pad, nexus and a laptop…we think it’s all necessary. Thailand is our test trip to see what’s important and what can be left behind.

Let me know if you have tips of how to pack things or what you think is an a “must” to be carried around.

Leaving on the night train to Chiang Mai tonight and see you there tomorrow morning.

Yours, Sybille