Koh Tao Home

So we have just left Koh Tao after 4 nights and I have to say it was quite relaxing, we did not stay on the main beach (as we are not 24 and the thought of doing a pub crawl does not do it for me anymore) and decided to stay on Chalong Beach which is in a much quieter area in the south of the island. Long story short we stayed in the Tropicanna (I know it sounds like a flashback to an 80s film) however it was nice but the amazing thing was it was direct access to the beach and we woke up to the sounds of the Sea (aswell as pissed Brits)

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    • Richi, schoen dass du vorbei schaust. Wir dachten schon dass du mit Weinlesen beschäftigt bist, sodass wir dann verkosten können. Cu in 6 days.

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