The Dragon

Last year I became 40 and I guess its this point in your life where you know for sure that you are not 20 anymore. Becoming 30 did not hurt at all…you are still young, but hitting 40 left a bitter taste.
A good friend of mine suggested to make a list with 40 achievements so that the whole event turns into something positive. I made my list a year before and I was able to tick most of it off, but one thing was still left to do and that was a new tattoo. I knew the design I wanted, but could not find the right place and the tattoo artist to get it done.

Long story before I come to the point, but finally I found a master in doing bamboo tattoos. Which is without machine and only with a bamboo stick and a needle and he did an awesome job. Don’t get me wrong, it was torture for 5 hours but it was worth the pain. You are stuck in one uncomfortable position counting every minute and whilst I was  listening to Eminem ….fuck you bitch, the tattoo artist was singing loud to some thai songs…chong song mai…for 5 long hours. Nurse Sam came every hour to check on me and to tell me that we are nearly done. Define nearly.
The good thing with the bamboo tattoo is that afterwards you don’t need any cover, no pain and you can swim in the sea immediately.

Some things in life are worth waiting for the right moment and my tattoo was one of these things. Also good is that I can’t carry my bag on my back….guess who is doing it for me……….

DSC_0169 DSC_0176 DSC_0192

10 thoughts on “The Dragon

  1. Oh my god … You did it the painful way … I would have done it with a machine .. It looks stunning … I love it’s size 🙂

    • It was less painful than with the machine but it took much longer with the bamboo stick. But after 5 hours it hurts regardless how you do it.

    • LOL. Hab versucht Sam zu erklären was Grisu der Drache ist….vergeblich. Denke er wird sich das mit dem Luis dann bei euch anschauen muessen. Freu mich schon auf euch.

  2. The tattoo is epic. My next one will definately be done the old school way. Hope you guys are having an amazing time and I shall stalk you both from time to time on this site. masalama

  3. Sybille,

    Love the tattoo! After wanting one for more than 30 years, My son and I went to Tahiti (Moorea) and had a hand tapped tatua as well this past August. I am looking for someone in Europe that can do Marquesian style to finish my sleeve.

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