Tourist Trap

After Ko Tao we were heading to Koh Samui. The ferry ride was quick and easy and 2,5 hours we had swapped groups of Japanese and Brits into Germans and Russians. Sam and I are not much into beach and sun lying and we generally get bored at the same place after 2 days. Being in Samui for 5 nights was therefore quite a challenge. We like action and a bit diving and here we had none of it and therefore were stuck with drinking. (counted 28 Chang since we arrived)

One morning we were asked by a young lad from South Africa if we would we interested in winning either an iPad, iPhone, 1 week holiday resort or 1000 USD. All we had to do was getting into a taxi with him and drive to a construction site where they were about to finish luxurious holiday homes. Nothing in life is for free and getting the prize required to listen for 90 minutes to their holiday home (also known as a timeshare) project and being asked to invest 27000 USD. We did not invest but we won 1 week in one of their hotels anywhere in the world.

After checking online about the holiday voucher it definitely seems like its too good to be true. You need to be a resident of Australia or New Zealand to use the voucher, which was not mentioned in any of the conversation with the guys from Tides Boutique Resort.

My gut feeling was right….nothing in life is for free.

Samui is overpriced and although we love Thai food, we swapped it here for a pizza. Ko Samui is not the place Sam and I would come back to and we are happy to head back to Bangkok to get ready for our return flight. The trip back to the capital takes 17 hours with ferry and boat an this time I bring my own food.

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  1. ….17 Stunden statt 57, Peanuts!! Schnitzel, Kümmelbraten, Knoblauchsalami, Kren, Kebab is waiting. Freuen uns schon auf euch. Bussi

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