Till Next Time…………..

So we have finally done 3 weeks, and we are just about to head back to Europe to see friends and families, before we pick up the bags again and start as I have come to think of it as the proper travels in South America. We arrived in Bangkok yesterday after a 17 hour bus & ferry trip from Ko Samui, with most of the 17 hours spent on a VIP bus (wanted to have some comfort). This was definitely mis-advertised, tattered arm rests, leaky windows, a toilet where the door did not close and blankets that look like the driver had stolen them from his children’s beds. I had a pink bugs bunny blanket to keep me warm.

Thailand has been a fantastic experience and although it is not completely the same place as I remember in 2004 (the blame could be my memory) it is still a place with striking contrasts such as the mountains and the jungles in the North and the beaches in the South.

Thailand has been a sort of testing ground and also an easy way to get back into the travelling way of life. It might have been difficult to go straight to Brazil from Dubai as I may have made the mistake of expecting people to pack my shopping bags as I have done in the past (they don’t do it at Billa in Zurndorf). Thailand was also a place to check our gear and bags and we have learnt a few truths, there is no point trying to pack for all occasions so it is better to pack light and buy as you go. Also we have found out that trying to cover long distances in one go should be best left behind and that we should plan a better way to cover the miles.

DSC00055 DSC00065

We will be heading off to South America on the 14th October. We are both getting very excited and we will be posting more once we arrive.

Cu in 3 weeks