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We landed safely on Monday after a 12 hour flight from London, to be honest it was not too bad and we managed the time quite well, my only grumble with the flights was the size of the screen, I have seen bigger stamps and for a 12 hour flight you need a good entertainment package. Anyway we got here in the end and managed to to find our accommodation at about 10 pm at night. We where both a little bit nervous about all the stories you hear regarding the drive from the Airport, I also made the rookie mistake of not writing down the address which meant I had to take out the laptop to show the taxi driver the address on the email. I felt like I was basically welcoming all thieves to mug me, so for the taxi journey I was a little bit apprehensive that the dude would suddenly stop in the middle of nowhere and rob us. However none of this happened, we drove straight to the guesthouse and met the owner who showed us our room where we quickly crashed out.


Yesterday was our first full day, the weather in Ro is not the best at the moment as there is some heavy rain however we got lucky yesterday and had a good day out. We visited the world famous sugarloaf mountain, Its not the cheapest but it is worthwhile.

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Today our plans seemed to be a bit washed out as there is torrential rain, we are currently stranded on the room waiting for the sun to come out. The problem is that today is our last day in Rio as we will be heading down to the coast tomorrow Arraial do Cabo to do some diving.

I am enjoying the experience and I see Rio as a very cosmopolitan place with a lot to offer. If you listen to the scare stories then it can be quite off putting however like anywhere you can minimise the risk and still enjoy the adventure. I guess we are a little bit more vigilant since we got robbed in Thailand (even though it has ended quite well as we have got most of the money back) The main problem at the moment is that English is not so widely spoken and our Portuguese is non existent so there is a lot of poor sign language when ordering in restaurants, to be honest your not really sure if you order the correct thing until it arrives.

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