Chicken or Fish?

Until now our best travel agent friend was Phil who works in the UK and arranged our around the world ticket and sorted out all our requests. The ticket comes with a travel butler, which is an online service where you can book and change your flights and so far it worked brilliant.  However  since yesterday evening we have a new best friend and her name is Daniela. Her name was positive mentioned on several websites and Sam got in contact with her for a last minute deal for an Antarctica trip. Just a few hours later she came back with an offer and I still can’t believe that  Sam and I will be on an expedition ship for 10 days and explore the Antarctica. The trip starts on Nov 11th which gives us enough time to get to Santiago in Chile, sort out some winter clothes and get down to Ushuaia. Just this morning we met a couple from Chile in our guest house and their friend works in a shop in Santiago where you can rent skiing stuff. Juan offered to give his friend a call to so see if we can get clothes there. Sometimes it all works out pretty well.

Since I know that we possibly may see whales, I find it very difficult to focus on sightseeing in Rio. Due to the heavy rain yesterday and the thick clouds today we were not able to get on the Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer statue). The weather forecast is not the best for the next couple of days and so we have decided to go diving. Underwater it does not matter if it rains and so we have headed to Arraial do Cabo which is 2 hours east from Rio and famous for its variety of fishes. Our first impressions of the place was pretty good.


Sam mentioned already that most of our conversations are in sign language and the funniest one was in a beach bar this afternoon in Arrial do Cabo. We talked about fish or meat whilst the fish was mimed like my little nephew is doing it by copying the mouth of a fish and for Sam’s meat I danced around like a chicken. The waiter was just laughing but we got what we wanted and that’s all that matters.

5 thoughts on “Chicken or Fish?

  1. Traumhafter Beach, viel Spaß beim Tauchen, ola von Luis. Hab ihm die Story vom Fish-chicken-dance erzählt. Solltet ihr noch mehr sign language brauchen, sollt ihr euch an ihn wenden. Bussi

    • Der Strand ist angeblich 40km lang, weisser Sand und super sauber. Da kann der Copacabana Beach nicht mithalten. Bikini Motto scheint zu sein je kleiner und enger, desto besser. Egal ob die Figur mitspielt, oder nicht.

  2. my oncle has done the Antartica tour and was totally impressed. I saw his film and you will enjoy this so much

    • I am so looking forward to this trip and we will publish the ship name and itinerary later in the blog. We also need to rent warm clothes to survive the Arctic temperatures. One step at a time.

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