La Praia Grande

Arraial do Cabo is a small village which feels as though it is 30 years back in time. Cars are driving next to horses, old men are drinking beer and having a laugh with their neighbours, old and young are playing football on the beach, people are selling home made food out of their living room window and everyone  is extremely friendly and helpful. I hope below pictures capture a bit of the flair of this fishing village.

DSC_0405 DSC00158 DSC00142 DSC00141 DSC00154

We are staying near La Praia Grande (Big Beach) which is a slight understatement as the beach is nearly 40km log and it is white sand and clear blue waters, PARADISE.

DSC00165 DSC00175 beach1


5 thoughts on “La Praia Grande

  1. Hi guys, love reading about your adventure. Jealous? Hell yes!!!! (hehehehe) Please keep them coming. By the way Sam be careful about those nipples, you could poke someone in the eye 😉
    Miss you guys,
    Sumi, Fahad & Adam

    • Ola, Sumi. Cool that you and your 2 men are reading our blog. No worries about Sam. There were not enough people on the beach to poke anybody, but I will keep an eye on him. Hi Fahad and Adam!

    • Nothing easier for an EY employee than to jump on the next plane to Sao Paulo! Welcome to our blog Lina.

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