Moving On

DSC_0435Well, we could not leave Rio without seeing the Corcovado and so we planned another 2 days in the city hoping the weather would play along this time….and we where not so lucky. We went up to the Christ Statue to find it engulfed in clouds with no sign of the city below, and sometimes even swallowing up the statue. The trip seemed a bit wasted but who visits Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower? and seen as it was our last full day in Rio then it was our last chance to see this symbol of Rio.

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What we saw from Brazil was great. As mentioned we stayed in a rich and safe area in Ipanema and I absolutely could imagine to live here for a while. Football is basically everywhere and on the beach you are surrounded by so much activities that you feel bad just doing nothing and sunbathing. The motto on the beach seems to be the less and tighter the better (regardless of the figure) although there are not as many attractive women Sam was hoping for. The guys on the other hand are well trained with a six pack. Ladies…off to Rio!

The parking is so strange that I would like to mention it as well. Due to space issues cars are parked bumper to bumper without any space in between. If you want to get out you need to gently push the cars around you which means that most cars are left with their handbrakes off.

Overall it has been a fantastic experience and we will take great memories away from Brazil, however we are now onto our next destination Chile.