Rosamund Pilcher Setting

Puñihuil island is 26 km southwest of Ancud and the drive there goes over green hills with cows,horses and sheep and reminds a bit of Switzerland or Austria with the difference that you have the sea next to it.

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The island is the only place in the world where the Humboldt (one black stripe over the chest) and Magellan penguins (black stripe around the neck as well) breed together. It is also an area where you find other species such as Red-legged Cormorant,  Kelp Gull, Fuegian Steamer Ducks, Pelican and Sea Lions.

The boat ride was spectacular and the sea was rough bit the trip was worth any effort.

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  1. Die sind aber süß – die kleinen Pinguine! Die Fotos erinnern mich eher an Irland als an Österreich…

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