Up a Volcano

It was time to start our journey back north heading to Santiago, and on the way we decided to stop in Puerto Varas which is a small village in an area called the Lake District. Although small it is a place which offers a lot of activities like kayaking, hiking, horse riding andskiing. Just over 1,5 hours away is the  Volcano Osorno which is a popular skiing area, and although it is not the season so we did not get the chance it would have been an amazing experience to ski down the side of an active volcano.

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The city was founded in 1865 when lands around the Lake Llanquihue where offered to mostly German speaking Europeans (Germans, Swiss, Austrians) to settle and farm the lands. This is still present today as most signs are in Spanish and German with very little in English. It is very strange to see cake being advertised as Kuchen

Sam and I tried to hike up the Osorno Volcano and lasted maybe two hours before we realised that hiking is not our thing. The volcano itself is said to resemble Mount Fuji, it is also renowned as one of the most active volcanoes in the country of Chile and it erupted 11 times between the 15th and 18th centuries.

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To save money during our stay in Puerto Varas we stayed in a hostel and I realised that I am not a bath sharing, bunk bed sleeping person. The hostel was very nice indeed, with a wooden oven downstairs, a big kitchen and a nice living room. They offered great deals for learning Spanish and I bet it is a fantastic experience when you are younger. It was a great way to meet people however I am not a hostel person anymore.

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