Special Edition Antarctica Part 2

Peterman’s Island and Pleneau Bay

The 5th day of the trip will always be remembered as the day we saw Orcas, the biggest species of dolphins and the most dangerous predator in the sea. This was followed by an incredible scenic walk on Peterman’s Island which is hard to describe, this was also the most southern point of our journey. One thing that was for sure unexpected was the stunning weather, 10 degrees and pure sunshine. You feel very privileged to spend time between Adelie and Gentoo penguins, Crabeater seals and Blue Eye Shags. The whole scenery felt like a movie set with its blue shimmering icebergs, deep blue water and the mountains behind it. It is so peaceful as you only hear the sound of the animals. Another Zodiac drive led us to the Pleneau Bay, also called The Iceberg Graveyard. A highlight of the trip as driving around the maze of icebergs being dwarfed by the unique shapes that the sea and wind has created.

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The day started with breathtaking scenery and finished with an unforgettable image of 7 orcas passing our boat while they where hunting and disappearing into the sunset. Truly spectacular, phenomenal and ice cold.


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Port Lockroy

Our journey went overnight from the Lemair Channel to Port Lockroy, which lies on Wienecke Island which was discovered by a French Arctic Expedition in 1903, and later taken over by the British during WW II. Over the years the research station was made to a museum and post office which is the only post office on the continent and is run by 5 people from the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. These people will stay there for 5 months which makes you think how do you apply for a job like this and what skills you need. The vessel parked right in the ice and we were able to walk over pack ice, which is a once in a lifetime experience. The island is home to thousands of Gentoo penguins, which Sam has renamed to ‘Luis Penguin’ due to the similar walk of our little nephew.

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You would think that we had lots of time to relax on this cruise and although the days were long with sunrise at 3.43 am and sunset at 10.17pm we were very busy with expeditions, talks, presentation, recaps and keeping the barman busy. The scenery changed every day and whilst we had great sunshine for a lot of the trip we did also have heavy snow, fog, and very cold temperatures.

to be continued………….

4 thoughts on “Special Edition Antarctica Part 2

  1. Absolutely amazing details and the pics were brilliant and as you say ” the trip of a lifetime ” and made me want to book my ticket. I must admit though it made me move a bit closer to the fire. Cant wait for the next instalment.

    • I am glad that we are back in a warmer area and hopefully don’t need the skiing underwear anymore. Just trying to get rid of the extra layers we got from the delicious food. Sam still thinks its the clothes that shrunk in the dryer. Haha

  2. Luis Pinguin….haha sehr witzig! Ansonsten weiß ich gar nicht was ich sagen soll… Wahnsinns Fotos auf jeden Fall! …Und beim dem Wetter hätte der Scott wohl länger gelebt.

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