Shark Explorers

After 7 days we have just got off the Humboldt Explorer and have to say that a cruise in the Galapagos is the perfect way to see so many amazing creatures that call this place home.


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Before we sailed to the most northern Galapagos Islands of Wolf and Darwin we had a land trip to Seymour island to see some awesome creatures like the yellow Land Iguana, the blue-footed boobies and lots of the male frigate birds which looked particularly nice with their red chest.

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I was warned that the Galapagos would be a very difficult place to dive due to the very strong currents. We where both very nervous before our first dive and the nerves where justified. It was a challenge and I admit that I had minutes underwater where I panicked, struggled to breave and to keep my mask on. The current was unbelievably strong and all you could do was grab onto a rock and hold on while the current pushed you about.

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However once you found your spot, all you had to do was wait and let the hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, Silky sharks, turtles, rays and schools of fish pass.

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and to watch the sea lions playing.









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We also had a group of dolphins following our boat, diving under it and jumping up on the other side which was an unbelievable experience, Sybille has finally achieved her dream of diving with dolphins as for the longest time she though they where avoiding her.

P1020300 dolphin5







We where equipped with a GPS tracker, radio and air horn just in case we where separated from the group and surfaced a good distance away from the boat, so we would hopefully be able to signal our position. Thankfully these things where never needed however it shows the difficulty in the conditions. Everybody was responsible for themselves, Sam and I were dive buddies and managed our own dives.

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No dive is like the other and although Shark Bay was one of my most difficult dives the first day it was also one of my best on our last day. We were surrounded by hundreds of hammerhead sharks, which some of them came so close that I looked them directly in the eyes,  well one eye. A group of 7 eagle rays swam right at me and turned like a metre away off my head. They circled for 25 min around us in a majestic way, very slowly like a ballet. In between suddenly a turtle was right in my face and made its way into the blue. I have never seen a spectacle like that and it almost felt like I would be in a aquarium.

We have to thank Roberta one of our diving buddies for two pictures below, it was very difficult to hold on to the rocks and use the camera at the same time so we did not always get the shots we wanted.















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Between the dives we relaxed on the boat and enjoyed the large number of red footed boobies and frigates using our boat as taxi

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Our final stop before we disembarked was to visit the giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island. These are absolutely massive and can live up to 150 year.

DSC01502 DSC01513







amazing to see them move and managed to capture it on the following video


Egypt was an excellent dive site for its colours and the Similan Islands in Thailand were great because of the diversity of sea life but Galapagos was unbeatable for the big stuff.

What a great adventure and one that has motivated us to do our dive master.



9 thoughts on “Shark Explorers

  1. Sehr coole Pics wieder einmal! Das Fischi mit dem Iro auf dem Boot – habts das gegessen? Zur SharkBay flieg ich auch nächste Woche – Allerdings nach Südafrika – und da bleib ich (hoffentlich) eher über Wasser auf dem Brett als im Wasser!
    Gruss Richi

    • Das Fischi ist ein Marlin und der wurde zerlegt und eingefroren. Wir haben andere Fische gegessen, wie Jacks und Tuna. Viel Spass in Capetown und komm als Ganzer wieder zurück! Um 150 USD kannst du dort in den Käfig steigen und dem grossen Weissen in die Augen schaun.

  2. Just gets better and better with each new instalment Feels like your on another planet from the cold wintery UK.and it looks like you had a restful trip even though it got scary at times down below. Sybille please take care of my boy !! Some fabulous shots and it really did look at times as if you were in an aquarium and there are so many beautiful creatures both above and below and taking your dive masters is a must.

    • No worries, Janet. Sam is an excellent diver and most dives he had to take care of me. It was fabulous under water and I already miss getting up at 6am for the first dive.

  3. Amazing Pics… Soviele Haie um mich wäre mein absoluter Albtraum, hiiiiiilfe, Herzinfarkt garantiert. Bei den ersten 2 Videos funktioniert nur der Ton, schade. Das turtle Video ist ok. Viel Spaß im Jungle, nicht fressen lassen.

  4. Wahnsinn! Irre! Unser Traum! So viele Hammerhaie und Haie und nochmals Haie … ich krieg Sehnsucht nach dem Underwaterfeeling … sooo schöne Fotos … die Strömung sieht sehr schlimm aus und GPS zur Sicherheit, puha, das war sicher wild. Aber bei so vielen so großen Fischen ist dieser Tauchgang echt ein Muß!

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