Simply Amazing

Quito is our final city in South America and to be honest not one that we have really enjoyed. The old town is defiantly a highlight with the churches and museums that has maintained a link to its past however most of there areas are loud and busy and not really a place you want to spend so long. We have been using it as a hub and as this is our 4th visit in 3 weeks and today we will be flying on to Central America.

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What an absolute amazing continent and 4 months is defiantly not enough time to see a fraction of what is available here. Over our travels we have seen volcanoes, icebergs, deserts and iconic ruins. We have spent time on beaches and in Mountains dealing with altitude sickness. We have fought off food posiong and mosquitoes. Jumped into the polar sea and walked on some of the driest deserts in the world. We have travelled by boat, plane and done extensive bus rides that have sometimes been upto 24 hours long. We have watched penguins, and sea lions playing metres from us and had the pleasure of diving with hammer heads and other fantastic creatures under the Sea.

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Every expectation we have had from this continent has been smashed, exceeded and in most cases proved wrong. Although we have enjoyed some countries more than others every county has impacted us and has left us with some very good experiences. We are now looking forward to our next trip into Cuba and Mexico

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  1. The recap of your journey leaves me amazed at everything you have achieved in the last 4 months and am waiting with pleasure to share the next leg of your journey. ( Nice warrior yoga pose Sybille ) xxxx

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