Made in Cuba

As Cuba is one of the most isolated countries in the world it is very difficult to get an idea of what to expect however we fell in love with the place as soon as we stepped off the plane. The beauty of the island is breathtaking and there is a genuine friendliness from the people that makes you feel welcomed into there community. The capital Havana is simply stunning with its charming streets full of bars and restaurants where you hear live bands throughout the day and see people spontaneously dancing salsa with the beat.

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The diversity of the town is fascinating, regardless if you explore the old restored historical parts or visit the plaza de la revolution, Chinatown or the cemetery. Every part has its own flair and you could spend days and weeks exploring the city. Of course you can’t overlook the old but well maintained cars on Cuba’s streets. Sam and I drove first in a 1974 Lada and worked our way up to a 1952 Chevi.

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Cuba has only a few big hotels but if you want to get a true feeling of the island it may be worth missing out in these hotels and instead opting for the Cuban version of a bed and breakfast called “Casa Particulares. In order to bring in money families have started renting out rooms within their houses and apartments. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and a cheaper way to get some good homecooking. The families are very friendly, although not many speak English but they put a lot of effort in to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We clearly loved the cuban style.

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We spent a few days at the Sea at a cool place called Trinidad (not the country), which is a tranquil and picturesque little town. The beach is quiet, the sea is turquoise blue and every few metres you find a bar selling all kinds of Cuban rum. In fact a typical Cuban meal starts with a Mochito and ends with a good Havana cigar.



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definitely a place to be recommended and one that people should visit soon before modern life catches up with this relaxed if not controversial island.



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  1. Sunshine and beaches and Pina Colada are definitely my idea of heaven, the sands and the water are gorgeous ( that ones for you Sam ), xx

  2. Luis ist begeistert von den Autos, in cuba ist die Welt noch bunt. Billy war eine super Idee, er erkennt dich auf allen Fotos. Wir nennen Sam gerade ammi, bessere Vorschläge welcome.

    • Sam ist ja nicht so glücklich mit Sam ohne S dafür mit Y am Ende aber wenns funktioniert dann freut er sich. Xxx

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