Diving Cozumel

When we planned our trip we always had in mind to do our Dive Master in Mexico on an island called Cozumel. This place was advertised as an amazing dive spot where millions of people from all over the world come to dive the 2nd biggest reef after the Great Barrier.

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One thing we noticed right when we got off the ferry, was the lack of beaches. We were told that hurricane Wilma in 2005 had the most destructive effects in Mexico and it took all the sand on the west coast off the island and the strong current makes it impossible to get it back.

Anyway, we came here for diving and so we made ourselves comfortable in a hostel with our own little suite. Soon we discovered that the Dive Master was not the right course for us and instead we opted for the Master Scuba Diver which required classroom training, tests and underwater performance in 5 specialities.

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The best speciality was for sure the Deep Dive where you go down to 40 metres to repeat a task which you did earlier on the boat. To point at number 1 to 20 on a slate on the boat took me 21 seconds and in 40 metres it took 1 minute. It is crazy how the depth affects your body and brain. We also had 2 dives for Underwater Digital Photography which hopefully will help with our pics on future dives.

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After 7 days we had completed our Master Scuba Diver licence and decided to move on. Cozumel was not what we had expected. Its by far no backpacker destination and you have a lot of daily tourists from huge cruise ships who come here for tequila tasting, which makes it to a very busy and touristy place.

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We head to Belize next and hope to find there more backpacker friendly prices, a hammock outside of the hostel and a cool underwater scene.