Lazy days in Honduras

Travelling in Central America is pretty easy and although you may have to swap busses a few times which can take like in our case 17 hours, you sooner or later get to your destination. We reached Utila, a small island in Honduras absolutely nackered and were looking forward to a few days of relaxing and diving. Utila is comparable with Koh Tao as its great attraction is diving and partying. You find hostels here that purely offer rooms for divers and if you sign up with a specific dive centre you even might get the accommodation for free.


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Sam and I got ourselves a nice room overlooking the sea with a nice little bar just beneath us. The dives sites here have great visibility, spectacular corals and dramatical deep walls with lots of small sea life. We saw nurse sharks, turtles, lots of lobster, squid, flamingo tongue, burr fish and many more. Sam was attacked by a crazy moray eel, trying to bite into his fins whilst one couple got engaged under water. Off the fins, down on the knees, a slate with the big question in one hand and a ring in other hand. You can’t expect more action on a dive.

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Before we started our trip my sister predicted that without a gym and a fitness trainer I will become fat, so this photo is specifically for my little sis. To prove you wrong check out the size of my wet suit! XS!!








Downside of this paradise was again the plague with sand flies. Twice a day we had a ritual to put on sun crème first, then a mosquito spray and then baby oil, which kept the sand lies off.  They are very annoying however a few beers helped with the itching……and a bag of crisps for Sam. We did end up though with super moist skin!

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  1. Das nixenfoto ist genial, im xs suit. Bravo. Lass uns nach dem USA Visit mit viel Burger, Pommes und Beer nochmals messen.

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