Final Thoughts

Just 4 weeks have passed since we have posted our last blog and during that time we have travelled through 4 countries and 3 continents. After Honduras we made our way back to Belize and stopped there on a beautiful island called Placencia.


The diving allegedly was spectacular however so were the prices and for that reason we had to give it a miss. In Mexico we tried to do a few cave dives in Tulum and again it would have cost a fortune. So finally we decided to do something that did not cost a cent and ended in Cancun at the most amazing beach we have seen since Brasilia. We knew that this would be our last days in the sun as we flew to US next where the weather forecast predicted snow and minus 2 degrees.

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We have been a few times in New York but never made it to the capital of the US. Washington was nice, open spaces, green and so different to NY. We had our own city guide (thanks to Chris) and in just a couple of hours we got a tour around the Capitol, Lincoln monument, the White House and a special tour to the best food stalls in that area. We spent 4 days on a farm in Maryland with our friends surrounded by chicken, geese and nature.

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The craziest and longest flight combination we ever did was a 7 hours flight from Washington to Los Angeles, a few hours in transit and then 15 hours to Hong Kong. We survived surprisingly fresh and without dodgy knees or back from the long sitting. We also lost a day due to the time so it was not surprising that we spent most of the days sleeping (therefore we don’t have many pics) but we both really liked Hong Kong. Depending on which Island you go it’s either modern or you find streets with the typical Chinese food stalls with crispy ducks hanging from the hooks. Honestly, my brain did not function fully and 3 days were not enough to acclimatise after that monster trip from the US. For sure I cannot recommend staying in ‘cheaper’ places as they are as big as a shoe box with 11 m2 for 80 USD where the shower was just above the toilet.

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The next destination is also the final one where we will try to find work and settle down. Singapore is a fascinating city and every day we spend here, we love it more. You have Little India, Chinatown, beautiful gardens at the bay, cool pubs and food stalls, Sentosa Island with beaches to relax and of course shopping malls around every corner.



In the last 8 month we were asked a lot which place we visited had been the most impressive one and although we have seen a lot of really cool spots, we definitely found the trip to the Antarctica as the most memorable one. For me the most challenging one was diving with hundreds of hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos. A place where I would like to return to and explore further is Cuba. Chile is a place I would recommend to everybody who likes to hike pure nature with volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, the Atacama desert, who likes to ski the Andes or take a trip to the coast for wine tasting.

I guess this blog took me longer as I knew it would be the last one. Mainly we started writing our stories for our families so that they knew where we are, but it so happened that over 5000 people visited our website and read our blog. This was never meant to be a travel guide with information to places to visit, costs or transportation options. But if you ever plan to travel in any of the countries we visited and you need further details, we are happy to assist.

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  1. Schluchz, nicht mehr lange und ich kann euch endlich wieder drücken. Ihr könnt euch garnicht vorstellen wie sehr ich mich auf den Moment freue. Danke für den tollen Blog, die vielen Aufnahmen und Abenteuer, fast als wär ich immer mit dabei gewesen. Bussi

  2. Einfach genial, euer Blog! Danke für die Zeit, die ihr euch dafür genommen habt, um uns an euren Abenteuern teilhaben zu lassen!!!

  3. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks for meeting you in Chiloe Islands at the cozy palafitos hostel :))) all the best!

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