About Us

Hello and servus,

This is us, Sam and Sybille.


After 5 years living in Dubai and after endless brunches and glamorous hotels we have decided to go back to our roots  and do what we did when we met…..backpacking.

10 years ago we met on a bus between Cambodia and Vietnam and we decided that 2013/2014 will be our year of  travelling again. The most difficult part was to find the right routing, the right travel time for each continent and  combine that with our passion diving. The biggest questions was do we go east or west first and how do we get an  affordable ticket to bring us to all the places we want to see.

Sam did most of the background checks for that and finally he found a travel agency in the UK, who got us the right  deal.

This blog is for everybody who wants to follow us around 5 continents. Check our Routing and Accommodation for  further information and join Our Adventures with your comments.

Backpackdivers S&S

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys, have an amazing time on your travels! Looking forward to catching up with you in the UK. Much love from Katie & Martyn xx

  2. Hallo,
    haben heute den Link von Franzi bekommen. Muss eine tolle Reise gewesen sein `(oder ist sie noch?). Lustigerweise fliegen wir für knappe 3 Monate ab 17.01.2014 in die selbe Region (Peru, Chile, Bolivien, Uruguay, Argentinien und Brasilien).
    Noch Grüße aus Wien
    Christl und Heinz Kerling

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