Our Stuff

Updated 10/11/2013

These are our new bags which we had bought in London beginning of September. I got a ladies Alpine Loewe 65:80 litre backpack with a front and top loading system. Love it! Sam bought his from Berhaus with 60:75 litres with top and side loading.

DSC00271 DSC00199

Our old bags went to a Heart Foundation charity shop in London.

My packing list has not much changed beside that I left one pair of shorts and one rush vest behind. Additionally I packed the following items:

2 plastic cups and spoons from my little nephew Luis
A rope and washing liquid
Pinoculars for the Antarctic
1 raining jacket
2 beach dresses
A mini hair dryer
Dive camera
Sleeping bag

Sam carries all the heavy equipment like the camera case for underwater, a big camera, adapter, cables and a computer.


You may wonder what we have packed for a year? I guess I have to make a separate list for each of us.

Let’s start with the obvious for me….

3 socks, 3 underwear, 2 sports bra
2 bikini
4 t-shirts
1 scarf
1 skiing underwear
2 shorts….one of it is for diving
2 long trousers
1 sarong for the beach
Gloves and a warm hoody
1 cap
2 rush vests
Dive mask
1 pair of open trekking shoes and a closed one, plus flip flops

And of course I have a small bag with medicine like headache and flu tablets, ear drops and bandages.

And here we come to the heavy stuff with all the cremes and facial cleaning. I filled everything in super small plastic jars but it adds up and it takes a lot of space. And no, I did not bring any make up.

Based on the feedback of long term travellers, we bought compression bags for the clothes. I admit that you get a lot into these bags and you can make them really small, but I am not sure if it really helps to save space. I have 2 small compression bags that look like an egg when compressed, however there seems to be a lot of wasted space around them. Bare in mind that my backpack is 14 years without front easy access. I guess I need to find the right way for me in how and what to pack and I will use the 20 days in Thailand to do that.

No, my list is not complete. I also have a Google Nexus with me plus a small pocket camera for cities. Of course I brought my music and my kindle topped up with 35 books. Compared to Sam , who bought 300 books and then said….talk to you in a year….I have not much to read at all.


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