The Route

Views from above and below

Travelling for a year requires a lot of planning and finding the perfect routing and an affordable ticket is one of these preparations.

Sam and I planned the route according to our passion diving and I hope you will see a lot of underwater pictures on our blog while we go.

This is the routing as per the ticket we bought and it starts on October 14th 2013.

London – Rio – Santiago -/- Quito – Cancun – Miami – Washington – San Francisco – Hawaii – Tokyo – Peking -/- Singapore – London

The ticket is valid for a year and the routing is changeable with a surcharge whilst the dates are flexible and can be changed any time and without fee.

There are still a few destinations we want to add to our set routing while we travel.

Santiago – Ushuaia – Santiago
Santiago – Easter Islands – Santiago
Lima – Galapagos – Lima
Cozumel – Cuba – Cancun

We travel be bus or train between Santiago and Quito. From Peking we will travel by train to Hong Kong and Macao and from there with bus/train/boat to Borneo and then to Singapore.

This could be our final destination, however we want to keep that open. During our travel we plan to do our dive master and it seems that Cozumel is ideal for that but we will decide these things while we go.

Now that you know our routing you can add tips on sights or accommodations that can help us.

Until October 14th we decided to get into the travelling mood whilst visiting a well known country, Thailand. This is our trial run for the equipment and all stuff we carry with us.


7 thoughts on “The Route

    • Würdest du das empfehlen? Bahamas sind nicht auf der Liste, aber generell sind wir für alles offen….solange das Budget dafür reicht.

  1. hallo sybille und sam
    streift eure route auch die zentral metropole von europa?????—Nickelsdorf????

    tolles unternehmen!!!!

    Gruß “onkel” Günther, Dagmar&Max

    • Hallo, Ende September war Zurndorf für 2 Wochen unser Basislager. Im casa Schoeberl wurde nochmal Spritzer getankt und Schnitzerl verzehrt.

      • welches technische equipement verwendet ihr ?, da eure antworten ja fast neben den staunenden pinguinen und auf den tollen wasserfällen geschrieben werden. meine neugier bzgl der zentral metropole von europa?????—Nickelsdorf???? ist eigentlich so gemeint gewesen:
        wie lange euer abenteuer geplant ist. geht ihr zur fußball-wm nach brasilien?
        jetzt was echt interessantes–ACHTUNG AKTUELL: weather in Austria: Rain +8° no wind.
        Really austrian Autumnweather!
        good night

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